Is your domain free?  
No customer is the same, and this applies for the website too. Wizards Of Oz wants to help you present your company on the Internet. Not only can we deliver webhosting (your site runs on our server), but we can actuall build/design your website too. After consulting with you we create a list of requirements, adter which we give you a quote. The costs vary, based on the amount of pages, the required design and whether a database will be used

When we agree on the price tag, we kick off the project. We always start off with writing a roadmap document on how the results will be achieved, so it is clear for both parties what things will happen, and when they will happen. In this roadmap we describe what we will do and in what timeframe we will deliver your website.

After the roadmap is clear, we start with your website. We keep in mind that you might already have a corporate layout, which you might want to use for the website. First, we create a design, which you will receive to judge and approve. The design can ofcourse be changed after consulting you. When all is agreed, we start coding your website.

When the website is finished, you will receive notice of this. You can check the site for possible errors, and if neccesary change some parts again. When the final version is approved, we can of course host the site for you too.

After the website has been launched, you can maintain the website yourself, or decide to let us maintain your website for you. We can offer this as a service for a fixed pre-defined price.

If you wish to receive more information, or request a quote, you can contact us.
All prices on this site exclude VAT.
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