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Server and Network
Our server is located in the Eweka datacenter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The building is permanently supervised by professional security personnel.
Every room is equipped with video surveillance. Airconditioning is fully redundant, for optimal temperature and humidity.
Equipment is connected via the redundant power network. Power is guaranteed by using UPSes and Diesel generators.

Our server is connected via a 100 mbit connection to our provider. This network is connected to multiple 1 Gbit or 10 Gbit connections. These uplinks include multiple parties, including NL-ix, Level3 and AMS-ix.

Wizards Of Oz only uses first class server components. Our fast IBM server is equipped with two processors, plenty of memory and a SCSI RAID-5 hard disk configuration. Failure of a disk means no data loss. These disks can be changed without shutting down the system (hot-swappable). There's always a minimum of 1 spare disk available, to ensure quick replacement of failed disks.
Our Operating System of choice is FreeBSD. FreeBSD is based on BSD4.4, developed at the University of California, Berkeley. It is developed and maintained by a large group of enthousiasts. New features and updates are added regularly by many people. This makes it possible for everyone to help develop FreeBSD. It also ensures security flaws are fixed faster than in Windows, for example.
We also use the following open source software:
Webserver: Apache with PHP
FTP: Pure-FTPd
E-mail: Postfix, Dovecot, Amavisd-new, ClamAV, SpamAssassin, Postgrey and Squirrelmail
Database: MySQL with phpMyAdmin
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