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About Us
Wizards Of Oz is a young, dynamic company specialized in delivering webdesign and webhosting against a fair price/quality comparison. Wizards Of Oz consists of a small team of IT professionals, who are very qualified in building and maintaining websites and webservers. This way, we can offer you an optimal service and knowledge, with a personal touch!

We have specialized in building and maintaining webpages since 2003. Because of this, we have acquired a large amount of knowledge of how the Internet works. We constantly update our skillsets, keeping our knowledge on a high level, and continuously improve our service to you by adapting to current standards.

Here at Wizards Of Oz, everything is about service, whether you want to register a domain, or want us to build a large website. Predefined webhosting packages have been set up to service everyone. For customers who know exactly what they want, we can offer tailor made packages. Every customer is unique to us, so why shouldn't their webhosting packages?

Some of our clients:
Alpensonne Nederland BV, importer of Ehrmann dairy products
Dogbyte, layout, prepress and photography
Entertainment Architects, publicity, marketing and consultancy, Portuguese second-hand site
Institute of Biography, University of Groningen, Faculty of arts, site for missing pets
Sports institute Zevenaar, gym
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